Organic Vs Processed Foods

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Organic foods are more popular than ever these days. But what do you know about them?

Organic foods and processed foods are two of the types of fruits, vegetables, and meats that can be found in grocery stores these days. In relation to this, there are several labels that are used in order to determine how much processing food has gone through. One of the steps in determining how nutritious your lifestyle is knowing whether there is a difference in organic or processed foods. Knowing what is contained in each and the effects that they have on your body can help you decide which foods to eat.

The first thing to understand is the definition of the word organic. When food is organic, it means that no preservatives, added chemicals or other types of fertilizers and/or pesticides have been added to the food. With meat, the animals can not have been given any antibiotics or growth hormones. Usually, organic foods must be approved by the USDA in order to be defined as such.

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Catering Equipment Answers – Should I Rent Or Buy Commercial Catering Equipment?

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If you are establishing a new catering business, one of the most essential factors proprietors need to decide on is whether they should buy or rent catering equipment. That being said, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Owners will need to weigh these two options depending on the scope and size of the business as well as the available budget.

The available budget is a key element to deciding whether to buy or rent catering equipment. It will determine what you can afford and for how long. For example, start-up businesses with limited capital are advised to buy only the bare essentials and choose to rent the rest.

Anotherimportant factor is determining how often and for how long you will be using that particular type of equipment. Renting is a good way to get access to current or top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment opposed to buying catering equipment which will help you save cash in the long run. However, the amount of time it takes for you to see a return on investment largely depends on how frequently the equipment is being used.
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Womens Self Defence Tips

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It is not unknown to many that women are mostly the targets of crime and domestic violence all over the world. Women are considered to be easy preys by criminals because they are not as physically strong as men and could be easily overpowered. Staying safe at all times does not have to be impossible. With basic self defence knowledge, you can live your life without ever becoming a target or a victim of crooks. With this, let me share to you some basic self defence tips that I’m sure a lot of women could benefit from.

1. Avoid going out alone, especially at night. You are less likely to be attacked when you have a companion. Most attacks happen at night so if you have to go out, bring someone along with you.

2. Walk with confidence. Never ever walk with your head down. You must be alert and aware of what’s happening to your surroundings so you can prepare yourself if someone is about to attack you. Always be observant of your environment.

3. If you really have to go out at night alone, make sure to walk on well lit areas and as much as possible, avoid walking in areas such as dark alleys, deserted places and dark narrow streets.

4. Take up self defence classes. If you are looking for a great place to learn self defence and basic combat techniques, then you might want to take up Muay Thai classes. What’s good about Muay Thai is that there’s no need for any weapon to defend yourself. You can defend yourself merely by using your body parts such as your elbows, knees, hands and feet.

5. Carry self defence products with you. Self defence weapons could be helpful in giving you the opportunity to escape and seek help. Pepper sprays, stun guns, taser guns and knives are some of the most popular self defence products sold in the market today.

6. Crooks are getting smarter and smarter these days. They can get inside your vehicle without you even knowing it so before getting inside the car, check the backseat to make sure that no one’s hiding in it.

7. Ready your car keys even before going to the parking lot. As much as possible avoid searching for your keys on your bag right beside your car because that could be a perfect scenario for an attacker to attack.

8. Use your common sense and intuition at all times. If you think or feel that you’re in danger then you must act upon it right away.
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Make a Difference, Protection and Safety Needed Now

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Make a difference! Identify what you can do to help yourself and our mother earth.

Thereis a reason I write short stories that have been sent around the globe since the mid 90’s. It is to provide assistance and camouflage protection that won’t raise suspicion to the perpetrators, aggressors, polluters, and those who take advantage of others. Believe it or not there are still area’s that turn a blind eye when victims seek help through their local processes. This “blind eye syndrome” is especially true if it involves corporations being held accountable. In many instances it makes the problems worse for the victims. There are occupational deaths monthly in the United States that could have been prevented. There are women, children, disabled and elderly victims daily due to negligence, verbal and physical abuse. There is strength in numbers. By the continuance of putting the issues in the public eye through articles, the internet, organizations and first hand testimonies the awareness will become main stream. Resolution to our safety, health, wellbeing and environmental health will only happen when we band together to make a difference. A phrase I probably over use is “A squeaky wheel will be oiled.” If we squeak loud enough and are consistent we will be oiled.

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Before You Buy an iPad – Things You Need to Know

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It isn’t cheap to buy an iPad. This is why, before you set out to shop for one, you should know at least the basic information about this gadget.

The iPad is the Apple product that has set the trend in tablet computers. If you’ll go to the stores today, you’ll find most probably find them selling the iPad 2, which is the second generation of this product. This edition was introduced early last year, 2011.

Compared to the first edition, iPad 2 is much sleeker and faster. The tablet is made thinner by about 33 percent from the original body design. It also has a speedier dual core Apple A5 processor.

It is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. And this is one of the first things you need to decide on. You need to know the capacity that you need for whatever purpose you need the iPad for. If you’re into a lot of multimedia files, it would be ideal for you to have the one with the largest hard drive the 64 GB model.

Also, each model is equipped with a Wi-fi connection, but if you need to have a 3G network access, that’s something else you need to determine. 3G uses the very same signals you use for mobile phones. An iPad with both Wi-Fi and 3G connections enables you to connect through your iPad even without Wi-Fi hotspots like when you’re in transit. So, if you’re always on the go, it would be good to have a 3G access available. Having a 3G access in your iPad, of course, means additional cost.
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The Best Sony Digital SLR Cameras

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Aswe are all more than likely aware, Sony has been making fine electronics for years, and they remain one of the premier brands in the world. Sony digital SLR cameras have been branded alphas by Sony.

Their rationale behind calling these cameras alphas was this. You don’t want to name something after the last letter if you want it to reach number one. That was just a bit of joking, but truly they are named alphas because Alpha is a term that many photographers are very familiar with. They were especially well known by Chinese and Japanese who often used Minolta cameras. Sony has created one amazing camera after another.

Since 2006 Sony has taken over Minolta’s digital technology. After their acquisition, Sony has created one amazing camera after another. They seem to be constantly trying to improve upon the camera before it. They just get more technologically advanced and savvier each time Sony puts one out on the market.
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Projection Clock Radio – Should You Replace Your Old Alarm Clock?

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More and more alarm clock innovations are being released out in the market today. There’s an alarm clock that actually cooks bacon and wakes you up with its meaty aroma. Then there are alarm clocks that project colorful lights all over you ceiling and there are those that do more than just telling the time. However, if you’re in the market for something functional and effective, you should purchase a projection clock radio today.

What Is It and What Are Its Features?

Basically, a projection clock radio is an alarm clock that has a radio and projection feature. Because there are plenty of brands and designs in the market, these clocks differ from each other in terms of appearance and features. In a nutshell, though, you should expect the following features:

– Alarm clock
– Radio or Mp3
– Projector

These are the three important features that make up projection clock radios, but there are also other features that you may find from projection clock radios such as customized and adjustable alarm sounds. Some alarm clocks also have calendar and weather features that tell you the date and the temperature or humidity of your surroundings.
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